How to Stay Informed About SAP HotNews


How to Stay Informed About SAP HotNews

SAP’s HotNews is an online news service that was launched in 1999 and renamed Revista presei in 2005. It has more than four million monthly readers and is run by a team of experienced journalists. It offers content in various media formats, including text and audio files. In addition, the website offers TV programs in partnership with TVR2, the Czech broadcaster. The site has been named the most visited website in the country in the first quarter of 2018.

Users can customize HotNews to view content specific to their SAP applications. For example, they can choose the version of a product they are using, software components they are using, and support packages they need. They can also select specific HotNews items, such as SAP TopNotes (important Notes for a particular module) and sub-modules. For example, SAP users can read HotNews related to implementation of SAP HANA, which contain important information for the user before and after the implementation. These notes contain information on prerequisites and post-implementation steps.

Another way to keep up with SAP’s latest news is to subscribe to the SAP One Support Launchpad application. This application provides a central location to view SAP hotNews. It is free to register and is an excellent way to stay informed about important SAP news. It is a good way to stay informed about what’s new with SAP. The newsletter can also be sent to your email, which is another helpful option. So, sign up for the newsletter and receive all of the latest updates. You’ll never have to miss anything important again.

SAP HotNews is an online news service that focuses on SAP products. It’s available to users through SAP Solution Manager, and it’s free to use. There are features that allow you to customize your account and set alerts. The site is a great resource for SAP employees, but it does not provide all of the information they need. However, users have complained about clunky filtering and search options. It’s still worth checking out.

Among the many benefits of HotNews is that it’s free to use. The portal is operated by Media Bit Software SRL, a company that is majority-owned by two former Capital journalists. It features the latest SAP news, notes, and reports. It’s updated on a regular basis, and you can subscribe to the newsletter to get all the latest information from SAP. If you want to stay informed about SAP, it’s best to check HotNews frequently.

Although it’s not user-friendly, SAP’s HotNews service is extremely useful for those who want to stay on top of important news. It contains a comprehensive list of relevant updates, such as security fixes, and lists them in chronological order. It also includes filtering options, which allow you to narrow your choices. You can mark HotNews as urgent, non-urgent, or irrelevant. You can subscribe to both types of SAP newsletters.